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Family sessions can be as unique as you. Though I have studio availability, I love in-home sessions, meeting families at their favorite parks, and even driving hours to a dream location. What matters the most is everyone has fun. We've all experienced these photo-shoots, right?: First, there's the outfits, then the styling, the travel, the appointment window... Throw in a kid or two with a looming tantrum and the photo session just becomes so so stressful. I aim to make my sessions a great experience for the whole family. I want your kids to laugh and jump and make fart jokes so we capture those smiles and perfect moments. I want to hear about you and your partner's careers, passions, and how you spend your Sundays. Then, I want to translate all of that into beautiful photos and a memorable, relaxing experience.

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All families are unique, and that in my mind, is what makes them so special. There is no wrong way to have a family because, in my opinion, family is the people you love and hold dear. The same way you can't label all families as the same, there are some things that can't quite be captured in a picture that can be in a video... your newborn's cry, the way they stretch and wiggle.... or what about that the way your kiddo shoves half a waffle in their face once it's coated in syrup? Family videography sessions can be a special way to capture a moment in time. These packages are perfect for fresh 48s when you bring home a new baby, the last day with a pet, Sunday morning pancakes, making apple pie with your grandmother, board games with your beaux, intimate get-togethers, and even just a regular day.

Have more ideas? I would love to hear them and meet your family.

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