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cinematic wedding & elopement VIDEOGRAPHY

There are a few reasons to consider videography if you haven't yet; what your partner whispers when you take their breath away at a first look, the auditory memory of your vows and the joke your officiant made that made everyone cry, the way running through the woods left your gown or pantlegs muddy, and the way your fingers gently intertwine with your partners' from beginning to end. 

Photos are wonderful for capturing moments. But a film?

A wedding film lingers... it's love in motion.

we're the dexters


Rebecca here! With a decade in the event industry, I have filmed just about every type of "wedding" you can think of. I have filmed weddings with 5 to 500 guests, with custom venues, with non-disclosures, and with a floral budget that would blow your mind. I have filmed weddings in the rain, weddings in the snow, and even ceremonies in languages I don't speak...

What that has prepared me to do is work alongside my own life partner to create films that capture each couple's unique love story as it unfolds.

what's my approach?

My style of wedding videography production allows me to be creative and present to create and capture the best moments as they happen in real-time. Working alongside my own life partner of a decade, the two of us have an approach where we know when to step in and coach you for light, background, or beautiful posed shots, and we also know how to be nearly invisible, allowing your first look to feel intimate, your moment with your family to feel sacred, and to not feel like you have someone else to take care of throughout your day.

We consider ourselves your wedding BFFs. We know how to tie ties, pin boutonnieres, line up a wedding party, stretch heels with fuzzy socks, and use soap on a zipper... We are there to be focused on you, the couple, and what you need.

where are we located?

We're a wife and husband wedding videography duo located on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, but serve all of West Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond. Because we only take one couple a month, and ten weddings a year we give our clients our full attention for their day no matter where they choose to have their nuptials.

investment begins at $2,450

Susie & Zoe

Package: Wedding Trailer

heather & Chase

Package: Wedding Film

Natalie & Christian

Package: Wedding Trailer

Katherine & Rudolpho

Package: Elopement Film



“There is something pretty magical about what Rebecca does and who Rebecca is. She has the gift of seeing the beauty in the everyday moments that I believe, are the moments we are building our memories around. I watched as Becca went above and beyond to gently pause the chaos of a wedding day to capture a moment between a bride and her terminally ill grandfather who was unable to join her on her big day. She has a true gift for capturing the heart of what makes life so rich.”

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