brand storytelling

and content creation

What does your current content tell your potential clients about your business? Connect with more clients through polished, professional, creative, crisp, and curated videography and photography. Below you will see a variety of content options and packages, as well as starting prices. Between website, social media, and lifestyle branding content, there's likely something for you... and honestly, I'd mostly love to help chase your dreams.

brand films

Let's take the time to tell your potential clients what makes your brand so special. With a focus on the heart of your brand, detailed shots, and fitting music, a curated film is a perfect way to share the core of what makes your brand so unique.

Investments begin at $2,500

mini marketing videos

Looking for a way to tell a big story in a short period of time? Mini videos could be the perfect fit for you. Imagine a set of videos to rotate on your platforms and promote as ads offering a glimpse into what you do and why you do it.... This package is for you!

investment begins at $650

sample films:

branding photography


Branding photography sessions don't have to be a quick five-minute session with a backdrop. Sometimes it's nice to have more than just a headshot.

Do you have a website where you could show multiple photos? What about content creation and photos for your Instagram feed? These packages vary from a fresh mini session with two outfits to full social media content packages with lots of locations and outfits to fill your feed.

investment begins at $275

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Fun and professional

From a quick twenty-minute session to a deluxe session in a studio environment with hair and make-up...

I have packages to make you feel your best and bad jokes to get those wonderful authentic smiles! Haha!

investment begins at $275
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custom product photography packages

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