I'm a Cancer sun, Enneagram two, animal lovin', mom jean wearin', creative type. I grew up on 3D Doritos, screamo, and making myspace profiles every four days. To this day, I still love the Sims, and social media. In high school, you'd find me in the media room editing videos and filming the daily news, or on any stage I could find. After graduation, I traveled to Michigan State University (GO GREEN) where I received my Bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Technology, as well as survived multiple Cedarfests.

After, I spent nearly a decade in the event industry as a full-time editor and videographer at multiple reputable Michigan companies. Throughout this time I was able to build my own relationships, skills, and client base. In 2020 I decided that in March, I would start my business full time! Well, March of 2020 also launched a few other crazy things. It's been a ride so far, and at this point, I feel like if I can not only survive but thrive as a company that was born in a worldwide pandemic, I can do anything! Turns out, at the end of the day, that's capturing and preserving memories, telling brand stories, and empowering people to be their absolute authentic selves.

meet the fam

I have an amazing partner named Eric. I was told by a mutual friend before our first date "He's weird, you're weird, I bet that'll work" - Turns out our drunk friend Jordan was right because about a decade later we have a really cool kid and a small zoo.* On rare off time, you'll find us dancing in our kitchen, at the beach, camping or kayaking, playing Gamecube Mario Kart, with family, doing crafts, or napping. I love a good nap.

*Small Zoo Shout Out Section:

Mr. Pickles, Boston Terrier // Cooper, Pug-Boston Mix

& Punkin, Black Cat // Wombat, Our Fluffy Forever Foster

i love new friends!

so let's chat...

I make them the same way a lot of us do: by oversharing on my Instagram stories and hoping people reply. loljk! (kind of)

Instagram really is the best way to see my most recent work, behind the scenes, silly reels, and get to know me and my brand better. I'd love to have you along for the ride.

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“Rebecca is the girl you need. She’s professional and personal. She’s going to make you feel so comfortable as she’s one of the kindest, fun and creative pros I’ve met over the years. She has done videos for my Makeup business and seen her work for some of my clients and the outcome is always amazing.”

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