service subscription discounts

Planning to work with me frequently? If you plan to hire me more than four times a year, I offer a 15% discount for my services. This can be anything from content creation and planning shoots for your blog and social media content, quarterly product photography for your next launch, vlog and podcast editing, photography for your online store, and so much more. Below are a handful of gorgeous souls who I work with frequently. I'd love you to see what they had to say.

No Food Rules Youtube

Role: Video Editor

I spent time working with Colleen on growing a cohesive channel. Together, we find music, graphics, thumbnail design, and editing to fit her and her brand. Check out more of our recent work together on her channel.

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Colleen christensen

“Rebecca is beyond fabulous! She truly has a knack for reading people and capturing their personalities in her work. She edits my weekly YouTube videos and does such an amazing job. She has great communication skills and we always know where we're at with projects. She is the perfect mix of professional and BFF vibes which just makes her even more great beyond her work itself! I don't know what I'd do without her- she takes so much off of my plate so I can focus on other tasks!”

posh petals

floral & event design

My relationship with Posh Petals goes years back and started with friendship. After years of working as a videographer alongside the Posh Team at various events, we grew a relationship. Then, in 2019 I actually joined the Posh Team as a Manager! After realizing my list of personal shoot clients was growing, I made the leap to start my own company but stayed on as the Posh Petals Brand Manager. I help with fliers, emails, ads, and of course, do their website and online store photography and any videography needs they have as well.


Elyse Riemersma, owner

“In the many years I have worked with Rebecca, one of the first things that stands out is her amazing ability to understand people. By seeing past the brand on the surface, Rebecca works to showcase our true personalities to to connect us with our clients, neighbors and communities. Her many years of experience provide the expert tools to create stunning branding items, but her truly irreplaceable gift is her ability to create tangible products of people’s intangible qualities.”